Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Exploding Box

These are really neat and actually not that hard to make. Stop by my class on Wed. Feb. 13th to learn how to make these! I will also be demoing these at my Cape workshop on the 8th.

Emily filled one with candy and gave it away last week at a Yankee swap with some friends.

Uses 3 sheets of 12x12 cardstock and two sheets of designer paper. For this one, I used the Cerise paper.
1. Score the first piece of 12x12 at 4" on each side so you have a grid pattern. Cut out the corner squares.
2. Cut the second sheet to 10.5 x 10.5". Score the piece at 3.5" on each side. Cut out the corner squares.
3. Cut the third sheet to 9x9". Score the piece at 3" on each side. Cut out the corner squares.
4. Cut a fourth piece of Cardstock to 7.5x7.5". Score the piece at 2.5" on each side. Cut out the corner squares.
5. Fold each piece on the score lines. Starting with largest piece, layer the four pieces together and attach.
6. Use Designer paper to decorate outside and inside of box. Also great for pictures as a gift scrapbook.
7. Cut a piece of cardstock 6.5x6.5" for the lid. Score at 1.25" on each side. Make two slits on two parallel sides and fold flap in to make a lid.
Voila! You have your box!

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